About our clients

At Fabtex we can supply our clients with the correct product for the application, whether it be manufacturing boats, commercial furniture, gym equipment, massage tables, children’s play equipment, hospitality, aircraft interiors or resort furniture . Our client base is diverse, they are boat builders, motor trimmers, furniture upholsterers etc, so in effect we deal with upholsterers, owner operators, purchasing officers, CEOs of large corporations and interior designers.


Our customers work with deadlines whether it’s a manufacturing production line or a customer’s request to have the job done on time! We work with fast on-time delivery so as not to disrupt our clients work ethic.


Some of our clients have special requests, for example massage tables and gym equipment requires a marine grade vinyl that is soft to touch, but strong enough to support heavy weight, so we work with the client to suggest a product to suit all these needs.  Aircraft refurbishment is another area that has to adhere to strict specifications, so we can direct the customer to specific products that include these specification sheets.


Our clients are located throughout Australia, NZ and Worldwide. They are searching for specialised service, a company knowledgeable to supply specific products which will satisfy their needs.