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Polyester Cotton Thread

Our Polycotton thread is manufactur...


Our Polycotton thread is manufactured from polyester/cotton corespun yarns. Each yarn is produced by spinning a sheath of cotton around a core of continuous polyester filament. This gives the thread the qualities of a cotton thread (low needle temperature, swelling action when wet to seal needle holes) whilst retaining many of the advantages of synthetic thread (strength, durability), our Pollycotton also has special mould inhibitors included for durability as well as lubricants to ensure easy and consistent sewing.

Available in sizes 20, or 25

Sunstop UV Thread

Advanced UVR Protection against Fade &...


Advanced UVR Protection against Fade & Degradation. Specifically engineered for the outdoor markets: Marine, Canvas, Awnings & Tents.

Colours will match to popular Sunbrella Canvas colours.

Spool Size: 8oz (1235mts)


Durafix is a High Tenacity 100% Polyester Multifilament Sewing Thread....


Durafix is a High Tenacity 100% Polyester Multifilament Sewing Thread.  Durafix has high resistance against abrasion, high-speed sewing, chemical effects and external weather conditions.  Durafix is available in a wide range of bright and neutral colours for marine and automotive applications.

Available in sizes 20 or 40.

Tenara PTFE Sewing Thread



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